Strategy & Vision

The Kverneland Group shall become a competitive and international market leader of high quality products and services for tomorrow’s professional farmers.

The ambition of the Kverneland Group is to work together with the professional farming community to develop the most efficient and cost effective solutions and services possible. Our goal is simply to make the farmers work easier and more profitable by providing high quality machines and professional after sales service. Wherever our products are sold in the world, we want our customers to be sure that they can rely on the Kverneland Group to provide first class machines and support now, and in the future.

The global market leader with the most complete product range
To fulfil this ambition we are constantly expanding our activities to offer the professional farming community the most complete range of quality products and brands. This we do by forming strategic alliances, and by innovating and developing our current product portfolio through customer and market oriented product development. This expansion strategy has already positioned us as the most international supplier in the industry, with sales and production companies throughout the world.

New product areas and markets
It is true to say that the mainstay of our activities to date has been farming, predominantly in the EU countries. In the future we will increasingly turn our attention to expanding our activities in other areas of the globe, including Eastern Europe, CIS, South East Asia, China and both South and North America.

A strong partnership with our dealer network
A central element in the strategy is a powerful dealer network. The closeness to the agricultural areas, service guarantee in the season, and the need for handling second hand machines will preserve our need for a strong dealer network. Our goal is to increasingly develop close, strong and professional relationships with our dealers to provide the mutual security necessary for long-term focus and cost effective business processes. Through a dedicated and competent dealer network we will be able to increase market share with our current products and markets.

In size there is strength
This is certainly true of the Kverneland Group. As a large international group we are able to benefit from synergies between our various operations and draw from the vast wealth of experience, competence and resources in our company to provide the best solutions to the challenges facing farmers today. Thanks to the volume behind our activities, we are able to profit from economies of scale in our production and cost effective distribution through our efficient sales company and importer networks.

Kverneland Group in Brief