Meet the Kverneland Group Management

The Kverneland Group Management is responsible for running Kverneland Group on a day-to-day basis. The (executive) Board of Directors ensures alignment between operations and corporate functions and setting company policies of our divisions globally.

(Executive) Board of Directors

Group President & CEO  - Shingo Hanada
Arable Systems Division - Patrick Verheecke
Harvest Systems Division 1 - Claus Udengaard Thomsen
Marketing & Sales 2 - Arild Gjerde
Strategy & Planning  - Shin Toda

Group Functions

After Sales 3 - Magne Svendsen
Finance, Tax & Legal 4 - Tor Magne Brunes
Human Resources - Alex Sikkens
Information Technology - Bård Berntsen
Manufacturing - Ronald Harmsen
Mechatronics - Sanne de Voogd
Operations Arable Division 5  - Hasan Kesek
Procurement - Junsei Komiyama 
Business Development - Jochen Samulowitz
Marketing & Communications - Marieke Maris
The above members and management below are part of the Kverneland Group Senior Management Forum (SMF).
Sales International 6  - Martin Nordhaus
Sales France    - Franck Adam
Sales Germany   - Niels Veltmann
Sales Scandinavia - Mats Tykesson
Sales United Kingdom - Joe Bell
Sales Benelux - Walter Ruiterkamp


1 Also responsible for Group Research & Development and the Kerteminde plant (Denmark)
Responsibility includes Group Marketing & CRM, and all Sales Companies including Kverneland Group International. In addition to those listed above in the SMF the Sales Companies in the following countries are direct reports: Ireland, Spain, and Italy.
Also responsible for Klepp plant (Norway)
Also Secretary of the (Executive) Board of Directors
Responsible for Nieuw Vennep plant (the Netherlands), Soest plant (Germany)
Responsibility includes the Sales Companies: Kverneland Group International, Russia, Czech, Hungary, Poland, China, and Production Facilities in Daqing (China) and Lipetsk (Russia)